See the past of Coleman Web!

From the links below you can see some of the past incarnations of this website. Some of the links will not be in working order or may bring up a page from a different date. This is possible thanks to the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine which you can use to search past incarnations of other sites as well.

  • Old URL [2001] )Wayback Machine: First direct use 20th May 2001. Redirects to from 13th June 2001.
  • Old URL (
    This was a redirection URL. From the wayback machine I can see during 2001 it redirected users to my moonfruit website and then later and then confusingly to .
  • Old URL [2001] (
    This URL only ran for a year. According to my records I bought this domiain in 2001.
    Wayback Machine: 1st March 2001
    20th May 2001
    21st July 2001 shows it created December 2000 and deleted September/October 2001.
  • Old URL [2001 – 2005] )
    Registered 2001. Wayback Machine: 21st July 2001 first direct use. 20th February 2003 shows last direct use. 24th April 2003 shows redirection to Last seen April 2005.
  • Old URL [2003 – 2004] (
    This URL was only used to redirect to Wayback Machine: 31st March 2003 I can see it redirecting to Last seen 5th February 2004.

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