Tony Blair – Deliver on your promises to end poverty

Details of the petition I have signed through Oxfam:

Dear Tony Blair

Your efforts at the G8 summit in 2005 to persuade world leaders to make poverty history, have alreasy provided millions of people in Zambia with free health care.

I want you to continue to honour your promises, and the next three months are critical.

  • Please use your influence to drive a deal that will benefit poor countries, rather than just the EU’s self-interest, in current world trade talks,
  • Please keep the preasure on decision-makers at the UN to introduce an international Arms Trade Treaty and tougher arm controls by the end of 2006.
  • Please ensure that the World Bank, IMF, the G8, and rich contries make long-term commitments to make health and education available to everybody in poor countries.

I am just one of millions of others who want to see an end to poverty – and we are all relying on you to keep your word.

June 2006

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