Planetary Society – S.O.S: Save Our Science!


Your administration’s proposal to cut the budget for NASA’s Space Science and exploration programs will inflict long-term, possibly irreparable, harm to the future of space exploration.

Your own Vision for Space Exploration is being distorted. This budget, if passed, threatens to cancel decades of vital exploration, the very thing that gains the United States international respect and admiration. What’s more, in allowing NASA to alter its own mission statement to eliminate the phrase “to understand and protect the Earth,” your administration has discarded an absolutely essential component of the space program.

As a Member of The Planetary Society, the world’s largest and most respected space interest group, I urge you to take the lead in restoring vitality and innovation to space exploration and all of NASA’s crucial program areas. I urge you to fully fund space science and exploration at NASA and salvage its proud history of innovation and exploration in space — before it’s too late.

Anthony P. Coleman

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