My Road leads to Mars Planetary Society Campaign 2009

I recently was contacted by the Planetary Society to give support to the ‘My Road leads to Mars campaign’. I sent the following to the US President to show my support:

Dear Mr. President:
I am gratified by your support for space exploration. I, with The Planetary Society, share your desire to once again have NASA inspire the world with great achievements and important science.
Human exploration has been confined to Earth orbit too long. We need to set our sights further for far greater scientific discovery and technological achievement—set us on the Road to Mars.

Mars is the only accessible planet besides Earth on which humans could live. It may be the site of the discovery of extraterrestrial life. It is Mars that will inspire our children—and the world. Mars should be the ultimate goal of space exploration.

The U.S. can lead a global partnership of humans to the Moon and to Mars by restoring the program to its previous funding levels and integrating science and exploration, both human and robotic.

The U.S. is at a critical point in the evolution of space as an international enterprise. A robust space exploration program provides direct benefits to the economy, education, the environment and the understanding of our own planet. We need your vision and your leadership to make this long-term investment in our future, and in our children’s futures.

Please lead us on the Road to Mars.

Anthony Coleman

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