LG Viewty KU990i & LG PC Suite II

Unfortunately this information and sources are now out of date. As I no longer have the LG Viewty KU990I phone I cannot update this information myself.


More for the reason that I don’t forget how I achieved this I am going to write a guide of how I finally managed to get my LG Viewty KU990i phone to sync to Microsoft Outlook 2007 using LG’s PC Suite 2.

Due to a fault with my original LG Viewty KU990 I replaced it with a LG Viewty KU990i, unaware that it would not be compatible with the original LG PC Suite software as my original was. As the KU990i came with no CD I found getting information regarding why the original PC Suite was not working hard to find. Luckily I came across a thread on the Vodafone eForum where other users had the same problem. I followed the thread for a few months and eventually a solution was found and thankfully it works.

I’m using Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I assume that these steps work for other Windows versions.

1. Download and install the LG Support Tool from <Link Dead and removed>
2. Go to ‘Customer Support’ in the menu bar, and select ‘Application, Manual & USB Driver Download…’
3. Enter requested information and then click the PC Sync download.
4. After download has completed it is automatically extracted into a default location of C:KU990IGOLGPCSuite
5. In my case I had to go to C:KU990IGOLGPCSuite and open setup my self.
6. Follow the onscreen installation instructions.

I removed the startup entry for the LG Support tool using Piriform’s CCleaner as I did not need the updater to run every time I started Windows.
Now all I would like is a piece of software which syncs my LG Viewty KU990i to my Mozilla Thunderbird address book 🙂

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