UK’s 2010 General Election

Since this is a blog and I am a member of the Liberal Democrats I suppose I should really post something about the 2010 Election. I found it hard to believe the exit poll last night showing the Lib Dems with such a low seat number and agreed with comments from Lord Ashdown that the poll was obviously wrong. Well now it seems the poll was right, and perhaps even off because as I type this the Lib Dems only have 51 seats, below the poll number of 61. As well as only succeeding to win in a few of the 25 target seats, we lost previously held seats as well, some of them marginal and some of them considered safe.

I am sure that in the days ahead there will be lost of discussion about just why the favourable Lib Dem polls for the last few weeks did not convert into extra seats. There is talk of a possible Lib Dem/Labour/Other coalition at the moment, but this does not take away from the fact that it has been a disappointing election for the Lib Dems.

One good note personally is that my local Lib Dem MP has been re-elected with an increased majority, with the swing from the conservatives. It’s a small comfort compared with the national result for myself and I’m glad that all the personalised expensive advertising the Conservatives have hit the area with has had the opposite effect. I await the local election results with bated breath.

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