Coleman Web – Hosting Update

Coleman Web has undergone some changes in the background over previous months. The site has been moved from its lovely home at over to The site is still WordPress powered and the look and feel of the site has been for the most part maintained.

Why move?

The move was necessary as part of a general tightening of my wallet as I looked to get the same for less from my outgoings. As Coleman Web is a personal website and a free service was available (although more restricted than a self-hosted wordpress website) I decided to take the plunge.

Thanks to

I would like to thank the staff at nethosted who have delivered an unbelievable level of service at all times of day and night. Always helpful, no matter how stupid the question with polite responses sometimes within minutes late at night. If you are looking for UK based website hosting services please check them out.

Why keep this site going?

I’ve often asked myself this at times, especially when I don’t update it for months at a time. However, I do find myself returning to the site. I’ve tried Facebook and others but they don’t appeal to me. So for now, I keep the lights on.

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