Goodbye Flash Player and Java plugins

I’ve taken the plunge and removed Flash player and Java from my Windows systems completely. To be honest I could have taken the step years ago but I became comfortable with my setup. Aware of security issues I felt reassured with my constant updating of plugins, browser and system software as well as having Firefox set to ‘Ask to Activate’ each time one of the plugins was called on.

The Java plugin I did not see asked for too often and mainly only when I expected it, so I got used to it. Flash on the other hand was at first constantly asking to be activated, on sites from YouTube to BBCiPlayer to sites with flash based advertisements and the such. Over time, I opted into HTML5 trials on multiple websites and over time many sites started offering HTML5 offerings to browsers. The requests to activate became less frequent and again I got used to it.

What Changed my mind?
I came across an article from the Mozilla Firefox Future Releases Blog which made me rethink. With NPAPI plugin support being dropped from Firefox by the end of 2016, why don’t I drop those plugins right now. I removed the software and associated plugins from my systems.

I’m more secure and finally got away from the last of my plugins. HTML5 and native offerings have allowed the escape.
So far I’ve come across just one website still insisting on Flash: Google Play Music through the Firefox browser. The HTML5 audio option is disabled by Google. I know I can use it in Google Chrome but I don’t want to install it for one website. I mainly use Play Music through its Android app with its Chromecast support so this is only a minor inconvenience.

Why did I stick it out so long with Flash player and Java?
I just got used to my setup. Also for many years I used the BBC iplayer Radio website daily through Firefox on the PC. I’ve since switched over to the Android version as my daily driver and the website today has HTML5 offerings.

LG Viewty KU990i & LG PC Suite II

Unfortunately this information and sources are now out of date. As I no longer have the LG Viewty KU990I phone I cannot update this information myself.


More for the reason that I don’t forget how I achieved this I am going to write a guide of how I finally managed to get my LG Viewty KU990i phone to sync to Microsoft Outlook 2007 using LG’s PC Suite 2.

Due to a fault with my original LG Viewty KU990 I replaced it with a LG Viewty KU990i, unaware that it would not be compatible with the original LG PC Suite software as my original was. As the KU990i came with no CD I found getting information regarding why the original PC Suite was not working hard to find. Luckily I came across a thread on the Vodafone eForum where other users had the same problem. I followed the thread for a few months and eventually a solution was found and thankfully it works.

I’m using Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I assume that these steps work for other Windows versions.

1. Download and install the LG Support Tool from <Link Dead and removed>
2. Go to ‘Customer Support’ in the menu bar, and select ‘Application, Manual & USB Driver Download…’
3. Enter requested information and then click the PC Sync download.
4. After download has completed it is automatically extracted into a default location of C:KU990IGOLGPCSuite
5. In my case I had to go to C:KU990IGOLGPCSuite and open setup my self.
6. Follow the onscreen installation instructions.

I removed the startup entry for the LG Support tool using Piriform’s CCleaner as I did not need the updater to run every time I started Windows.
Now all I would like is a piece of software which syncs my LG Viewty KU990i to my Mozilla Thunderbird address book 🙂

Windows 7: I’m back on the bandwagon

Well I’ve upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Professional this morning so I’m officially on the bandwagon, unlike last time. I thought the best way to discuss my move to Windows 7 would be to comment in relation to my post ‘Why I won’t be upgrading to Windows Vista this year‘, dated January 30th 2007.

Unlike the Windows XP launch, I will not be on the bandwagon for the launch of Windows Vista. Mainly because I have managed to get Windows XP just as I like it and Vista will have plenty of bugs and problems until the first service pack comes out.

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