OnePlus 3T and OnePlus Customer Service

With my 5 year plan for my Nexus 4 coming to and soon I have kept an eye out on the latest handsets. Now that the Nexus line is discontinued, I am on the look out for something of similar value. The Nexus 4 was fantastic value at the time and I considered a bargain at £279. However, prices seemed to have jumped now, with the successor to Nexus, Google Pixel having starting price of £599.

I had been hearing lots of good things about the OnePlus 3t, so after months of on and of thinking I decided to give it a go. I’m not going to publish specs, photos or detailed analysis here because there is loads of that elsewhere. I was impressed, I found it a lovely phone, blazingly quick with a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. It installed my apps so fast that my notifications could not keep up, by the time I was informed an app was successfully installed the next one was already downloaded and installing. This also was my first 4G phone and I am blessed with good coverage at home and work, so when I was off wifi it was impressive compared to my 3G connection on the Nexus 4.

However a few things came to light that I could not get over. The first was the size. I started going out without the phone, because it was just too big to be safe in my trouser pocket. I found myself keeping it in my backpack when out and about, and even there, it would not fit in the purpose built pocket. I also found that I was afraid of using it outside, just in case I dropped it. Now I can tell you that my Nexus 4 has been through the wars and has been dropped from my hands more than a few times when out and about. More to me being a clumsy What was the result: nothing. It still works and looks great. I got the impression if I dropped the OnePlus 3t it would shatter. Plus who wants to drop a £450+ device.

I sat down with the OnePlus 3t and it suddenly dawned on me. What exactly can this phone do that my old one could not? Yes it was faster but my Nexus 4 in reality was not exactly slow on opening apps. Yes the new phone had a fingerprint sensor, but was this really that an important a factor. I’d never had a problem with a pin or pattern before. My Nexus 4 battery is dying and is comparitively a dinasor at charging compared to the OnePlus 3t however I had adapted. I have a replacement battery ready to go in, I have a charger with me at all times, I have a wireless charger I place it on when I’m not using it at home and I have the option of carrying a portable battery with me.

I will make a point to say that I was impressed with OnePlus customer service. They offer a 15 day no hassle return on the phone and within 24 hours of me returning the phone via UPS from England to Poland not only had they received and processed the return but they had issued my refund. I was worried due to OnePlus receiving a lot of negative customer service comments but I could not be more happy with the service I received. If OnePlus ever release a smaller handset I will certainly be looking at them more positively.

Sony Reader PRS-505

These caught my attention a few years ago. After going to see a demonstration model in my local Waterstones store I was impressed with its display and the fact that it was so easy to read. I nearly bought one from but was put off by it’s price and by the fact that it lacked a feature I really wanted: news content. When the new models were released I was disapointed to learn that the clarity of the text had been reduced by the introduction of a touch screen feature. One of the new models (out in the US) had a newspaper facility, but also was too large for my liking, way to expensive and also suffered from the touchscreen lack of clarity. I had another look at the PRS-505 but found that it was discontinued (as expected) and out of stock with retailers. So I switched to eBay and managed to get one at a good price after some patience.

I had bought the PRs-505 with the knowledge that it did not have the News feature I wanted. But then came something unexpected. I found my way on to the Calibre website and it had a feature which utilised the news rss feeds from many news websites and configured them for specific reader screens and formats. And hay presto! The guardian amongst many was listed and I quickly had news on my websites.

Note: I wrote this on 14th April 2011 but only published it November 2014.

Blast to the past: My first digital camera – Fujifilm @xia SlimShot

Fujifilm @xia SlimShot
Fujifilm @xia SlimShot

While going through a mass of computer stuff including computer leads, floppy disk drives and even a USB vacuum cleaner, I came across what I think was my first digital camera, the Fujifilm @xia Slim Shot. I liked this camera so much at the time I actually bought another! Featuring a cool 0.3 MP camera, 8MB internal memory and being 6mm thin this camera produced some good pictures in a good light. At one point apparently it was listed in the Guinness World Records™ as the world’s thinnest camera.

Taken with the Fujifilm @xia SlimShot
Taken with the Fujifilm @xia SlimShot

I decided to plug it into my computer to see what happened. As I was not expecting much I was not surprised to see after a quick online search that official support for the camera is non existent and that no drivers would work with my Windows 7 64-bit OS. Then I remembered a feature of Windows 7 which I had a play with a few months back: Windows XP Mode. I fired the Virtual PC mode up, attached the camera so XP could see it and then inserted the installation CD. Using the driver installation window that had popped up I pointed to the folder on the CD containing the XP drivers and away it went. And then surprisingly I was met with success.

Using the pripority Slim Shot Photo Album (No mass storage) I managed to connect up each question in turn and even found photos still on each from ages ago. I was going to take these to the local recycling centre but now thanks to Windows XP Mode I can once again use these old cameras. Now time to stick them in a draw for another 8 years!