My Vista Experience

I decided to purchase a copy of Windows Vista through Microsofts Express Upgrade programme which I qualified for after purchasing a new laptop at the start of this year. After a 3 to 4 month wait for the disks to arrive I decided to take the plunge and try out Vista on my new laptop. I had previously run the beta’s and release candidates and I knew what to expect: a more highly polished version of XP. I had no problems with drivers or any of my current hardware running in Vista. Software was a different story. I have many old games written in DOS and for Windows 95 which now utterly refuse to work. I have not yet got around to using Dosbox in XP but what about all those old classics I have in my collection that were designed for windows but no longer work; even in compatibility mode. I also have Office 2000 which seems to be OK with the exception of Outlook which seems to dislike Vista. Yes I know that the software is old and I should upgrade but I don’t like the fact that the only solution seems to be to upgrade to the latest version. I have applied some fixes suggested by others on the net and have got Outlook 2000 to stabilise, but it’s very slow. I was also surprised to find that Macromedia Studio 8 is buggy as well and that the official line from the company (now adobe) is to upgrade. This software was not cheap and I think it is just a cunning way to get everybody to spend more money on things they should be fixing. As Adobe aren’t going to patch their software I’m just not going to upgrade.

Yes, yes I’m ranting again. But I have not ranted for ages so lets continue. Slowly but surely Vista is getting a little more of my appreciation everyday. I love how it backups to my USB hard drive every night. Yes, you could do this before Vista but I do like the way this is run by Vista.

I’ve suddenly run out of steam for this rant which is a shame because I was enjoying myself. I’ll come back later and finish off my rant. Maybe I should rename my website to Coleman Rant – The Rant’s of APC.

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