… and the rest of the day

Bit too hot for my liking today. I ventured out this
morning for breakfast, spent from 11am to 2pm online
and in my room reading, only to go out and find it
unberable. I staggered to a nice little spanish
restaraunt for lunch and then decided to escape to the
cinema and watch star wars (which was actually good
compared to the last one I saw: Episode 1). Trailers must
have been on for 45 mins though. At least it was
air-conditioned. It’s cooled down now and I’ve
returned from another trip to McDonalds; Need to watch
that I don’t go too often.

From where I am staying when you go to the front of
the building you can see the CN tower very clearly as
well as most of the central city skyline. Round the
corner from me is the Royal Orotino Museum (ROM) which
I’d like to visit. Unfortunatley its $15 but they have
a free viewing period on a Friday evening which I’ll
try to take advantage off. There is also something
called Philosophers Walk which I must have walked past
several times but failed to notice. Don’t think its
signposted but it’s definatly on the map.

It’s a shame I don’t have a digital camera so I could
upload some pictures for all to see, but even if I had
one it would not work with the current set up of me
using these public computers. I’ll try to find some
general shots on the net and post a few onto the website.

Local time now is 19:36

P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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