Finally laying down in a bed and I am exhausted. Getting out of Peason International Airport was relatively easy: Walked off plane, floor moves to immigration control. Then to the immigration office for registration. Officer who dealt with me joked about Wigan as he had a girlfriend from Bolton once. Mentioned Wigan Athletic getting promoted to the premership, which surprised him. Went to the luggage carousel to be surprised that the luggage was already waiting in rows at the side. This was really quick compared to my previous airport experiences. Just picked up my backpack, went to front of airport and caught Taxi.

Taxi seemed to take for ever, as the flight had departed late from Manchester, I had arrived in the middle of the afternoon rush hour. Towards the end of the Taxi journey I got the impression that we were lost. The lake front looks very impressive, as does the CN tower. Taxi cost $50 in the end which was expensive but by this point all I wanted was to go to and get some sleep. I met a porter at the building at which I am staying, and after he nearly broke his fingernails getting a key of a key ring for me he showed me my room. I wanted a cold drink and discovered a vending machine in the basement after a search through a seemingly never-ending maze of basement corridors. Found some public internet computers and a pay-phone: called home. Got some crisps and a coke and wrote this down on paper. Now I’m really ready for some sleep!

Anthony 🙂
The time in this post is incorrect as I typed this in from paper a few weeks after the shown date.

P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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