Back to Reality


Well I’ve been back in England now for over 10 days so I thought it was about time for a post. I’ve spent the last two months in Toronto, Canada on the BUNAC student working programs. I had a great time and am happy to be back home in England and looking forward to getting my life going again here.

Today I listened to Wigan Athletic Football Club’s debut match in the English Premership. They were playing Chelsea, last seasons Premership winners. Wigan played well against the opposition, and it was a shame for them to lose the match in the last seconds of the game. Wigan’s lack of goals may be a problem for the team, but they have shown they can hold their own against the best.

Taken time out today to give blood at a local session. Making an appointment over the phone instead of just turning up saves loads of time as you can jump the queue so to say. It took 45 mins from registration to leaving. Without an appointment it could have easily taken 90-120 mins, and time seems to slow down when you are waiting at one of these sessions. Was surprised to realize that this was my 11th time of giving blood: makes me feel old!

Well I’m going to make some time some reading now. Not sure quite what though. I’ve got the latest Harry Potter book, a Science Fiction novel from the Library, a load of magazines and the end of a book on Iraq by a BBC employee to read.

Anthony 🙂

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