Google Contacts Feedback

I am keeping a record of all the feedback I send for the Android app Google Contacts. In customised view when ‘Starred Android Contacts’ is unchecked they still appear. The ‘File As’ field is not respected in the contacts list.

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Google Messages Feedback

I’m keeping a log of all the feedback I give on Google Messages. Have the option to swipe message in one direction to delete in the inbox. At the moment you can only swipe left or right to archive. This should be customisable.

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Ever since it’s conception I’ve been a fan and supporter of Mozilla’s Firefox browser. It’s had its highs and it’s lows and I’ve stuck with it throughout. In my old days of the internet Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was king and Netscape was dying. However out of the ashes of Netscape, Mozilla was born and Firefox… Continue reading Firefox

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