Feedback: Google Fit

Feedback to Google on the Android App Google Fit. On the edit weight screen it would be helpful if the time of the weight record could be adjusted also. On the edit weight screen it would be helpful if there was an option to delete the weight record in question. A date spinner rather than… Continue reading Feedback: Google Fit

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Make Votes Matter

I’ve joined Make Votes Matter – the movement for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons. It’s time to replace First Past the Post with a system of PR, so seats match votes and all votes count equally. But Make Votes Matter doesn’t just advocate electoral reform. They campaign relentlessly to make it a reality.… Continue reading Make Votes Matter


Rediscovering reading

Do you ever find yourself stuck on a certain book? I’ve been stuck on the same book for over two and a half years. I find myself reading all the time online and elsewhere but not books in any format. For some reason I just can’t sit down and get reading. I’m currently reading Mad… Continue reading Rediscovering reading

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My favourite Firefox Theme

I’m not one really one who uses skins/themes on my software, I’ve always prefered the vanilla approach. From Windows to Android, Gmail to this website I have kept things clean and simple. However with the Firefox browser I always install the same theme whenever I can when I’m using a desktop version: A Web Browser… Continue reading My favourite Firefox Theme

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