Ever since it’s conception I’ve been a fan and supporter of Mozilla’s Firefox browser. It’s had its highs and it’s lows and I’ve stuck with it throughout. In my old days of the internet Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was king and Netscape was dying. However out of the ashes of Netscape, Mozilla was born and Firefox… Continue reading Firefox

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My favourite Firefox Theme

I’m not one really one who uses skins/themes on my software, I’ve always prefered the vanilla approach. From Windows to Android, Gmail to this website I have kept things clean and simple. However with the Firefox browser I always install the same theme whenever I can when I’m using a desktop version: A Web Browser… Continue reading My favourite Firefox Theme

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Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Released – Help Firefox set a World Record!

Firefox 3.0 has been released. Mozilla aimed to set the first Guinness World Record for the number of downloads in it’s first 24 hours of release. With more than 15,000 improvements, Firefox 3 is faster, safer and smarter than ever before. Update: Mozilla achieved over 8.4 million downloads in a 24 hour period.