Back to Reality

Well I’ve been back in England now for over 10 days so I thought it was about time for a post. I’ve spent the last two months in Toronto, Canada on the BUNAC student working programs. I had a great time and am happy to be back home in England and looking forward to getting… Continue reading Back to Reality

The last week or so…

Hi all! Well I’ve been a bit quiet over the last week here so here is a quick catchup. Wednesday and Thursday I was unwell and stuck in bed/the place I am staying. On Friday I still felt unwell but made an outing which made me feel better. On Friday evening I did something unexpected;… Continue reading The last week or so…

Quiet Day

Well I’ve had a quiet day today watching some TV, reading my book, time online and some final touches to my planned itinerary for the remainder of my time here in Canada. This morning saw a nice cool wind with the rain, but yet again the heat and humidity return 🙁 Anthony 🙂 P.S. I… Continue reading Quiet Day

Fort York

Yesterday I visited Fort York in downtown Toronto and had a very enjoyable afternoon looking around the museum exhibits and watching some of the reinactments of British military routines from well over 100 years ago. Here is the website for the museum: Fort York Website A common thread in my posts is references to the… Continue reading Fort York