Going to Canada!

Just announcing that I will be on an extended visit to Canada this summer on a student work visa. Not quite sure of the details yet but I am sure that my set up on this website is going to reap rewards for me while I am over there (Basically I can update the website… Continue reading Going to Canada!

Going to Canada!

On the 2nd June 2005 I am flying out to Toronto in Canada on a three month student work visa. Basically I am using the three months between the end of one year of my studies and the start of my next year of studies to do this. Basically instead of staying at home working… Continue reading Going to Canada!


Finally laying down in a bed and I am exhausted. Getting out of Peason International Airport was relatively easy: Walked off plane, floor moves to immigration control. Then to the immigration office for registration. Officer who dealt with me joked about Wigan as he had a girlfriend from Bolton once. Mentioned Wigan Athletic getting promoted… Continue reading Arrival

Arrived in Canada

Arrived in Canada OK this evening. 7.30pm local time. P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

Summary of first night.

Hi Just had a good nights sleep and up at 7.30 am for a cooked breakfast which was very good. I’m taking things slow at the moment as I am going to give myself time to adjust to the climate. Its warm but its very muggey all the time. Cooled down over night but its… Continue reading Summary of first night.