Yesterday had a Big Mac at McDonalds for lunch, and after walking for miles trying to find a eating market which had been suggested to me, I settled for a chinese restaraunt called ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ and had Seafood and noodles. It was very good (and big) and cost only $8.50 (4 pounds). After turning […]


Just been for breakfast at McDonalds. I’ve got to remember that they charge tax after the advertised price, unlike in the UK. It’s about 10/15c tax added on to every dollar, which can amount to quite a bit. I might be able to claim some back, but I won’t find out about that until tomorrow. […]

… and the rest of the day

Bit too hot for my liking today. I ventured out this morning for breakfast, spent from 11am to 2pm online and in my room reading, only to go out and find it unberable. I staggered to a nice little spanish restaraunt for lunch and then decided to escape to the cinema and watch star wars […]

Meeting and Walkabout

Yesterday I went to a BUNAC/SWAP meeting to help me sign up for a bank account and get a social security number. I met a few people on the same exchange programme from the UK and went out for a few drinks and a walk around the city. Went to the CN tower base (not […]

The last week or so…

Over the last week I have had several interviews with various companies in my effort to find a job. On Tuesday and Wednesday I completed a trial period with a telemarketing firm, selling subscriptions to Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, but I was not offered a position. Today I am going to a meeting at […]