Fort York

Yesterday I visited Fort York in downtown Toronto and had a very enjoyable afternoon looking around the museum exhibits and watching some of the reinactments of British military routines from well over 100 years ago. Here is the website for the museum: Fort York Website A common thread in my posts is references to the… Continue reading Fort York

Heat Wave

Well hopefully today the heatwave that has hit Southen Ontario in Canada for the last several days might reduce in intensity. Its still very warm now but it is forecast for thunderstorms in Toronto today and I hope that cools things down. I’ve been here since the start of June and it has only rained… Continue reading Heat Wave

Monday’s Happenings

Yesterday after getting up at 0645hrs in an attempt to get my sleeping pattern back to normal, I spent a few hours at the University of Toronto on some paid work. I then made the ferry crossing over to the Toronto Islands where it was nice and cool with a nice breeze. In the city… Continue reading Monday’s Happenings

Quiet Weekend

It was a quiet weekend in which I finished my book, Isaac Asimov – The Complete Robot: The Definate Collection of Robot Stories, watched Daylight and part of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on the television and attended a get together for a student who I got to know who was going away… Continue reading Quiet Weekend

Job and Toronto Zoo

I’ve not posted for quite a few days so here is a quick summary. I’ve left my job on the grounds that market research over the phone was not for me and also for other reasons regarding the business which I’d rather not go into detail of here. Yesterday I took a trip up to… Continue reading Job and Toronto Zoo