End Indefinite Detention

How we can allow this to happen today is beyond me. I’m supporting Liberty‘s petition to end indefinite detention.

The UK is the only country in Europe that locks people up with no limit on how long they can be held.
Sign the petition and tell the Home Secretary this must stop now.

Every year the Home Office locks up nearly 30,000 people, including asylum seekers, children, pregnant women and survivors of torture, trafficking and rape. They have no idea when they will be freed. Some are held for years. Detention devastates people’s mental health. Self-harm and suicide attempts are common. Abuse is rife. Immigration detention doesn’t help control immigration. It costs millions. And it destroys lives.

We can stop this happening.
The Government thinks people don’t care about immigration detention. It happens behind locked doors, hidden from view.
But we do. And 2018 can be the year we end it once and for all.
Soon, the Government will publish a draft law establishing our post-Brexit immigration system.

That’s an opportunity to put a time limit on immigration detention into UK law.
This brutal practice is happening in our name. We need to make it clear that it has to stop.

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