Ever since it’s conception I’ve been a fan and supporter of Mozilla’s Firefox browser. It’s had its highs and it’s lows and I’ve stuck with it throughout.

In my old days of the internet Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was king and Netscape was dying. However out of the ashes of Netscape, Mozilla was born and Firefox emerged. Compared to the then complacent Microsoft browser Firefox was a breath of fresh air. It was fast, secure and allowed add-ons for a personalised browser.

For me Firefox is the browser where I feel at home. I am a great fan of Google’s suite of online services and I use them extensively, but I never got into the browser. I use the add-ons feature of Firefox all of the time to make the browser my own.

Firefox has evolved considerably and has had to adapt to a quickly changing environment. Google’s Chrome browser has taken the limelight and Microsoft has launched its new Edge browser. Having seen a stagnant browser market in the past and a resultant lack of innovation it is fantastic that today we have an active browser market with lots of innovation.

Mozilla has made missteps in the past and took the eye off Firefox as it has tried to develop new products and services, with little success. More recently projects such as Quantum have delivered an innovative edge but unfortunately have not reversed continuing market loss.

Unfortunately the prospects for Mozilla are not looking good with continuing market share loss and job losses. Launches of paid for services such as a VPN service branded with the Firefox brand seem like desperation. On a positive note Firefox has a quality mobile presence in its rebuilt android browser which is a great alternative to the dominant Chrome browser. It’s just a shame that nobody is using it.

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