Goodbye BBC7 – Hello BBC Radio 4 Extra

Ever since I got my first DAB digital receiver, a Psion Wavefinder, I’ve been a fan of BBC7 (Or BBC Radio 7 as it was later renamed to). I’ve been introduced to comedy wonders which I had never listened to before such as Hankock’s Half Hour, Round the Horne, And Now in Colour, The Now Show, The News Quiz, Just a Minute, The Navy Lark, The Men from the Ministry, The Goon Show and many many others.

Then there is the science fiction and I’ve come across the delights of Earthsearch, Jet Morgan and his adventures and again many others.

At the moment I’m listening to the adventures of Dick Barton – Special Agent.

The BBC has to be seen to be doing something so to save money and increase awareness they have renamed the station BBC Radio Four Extra and changed the mix of programmes. At the end of the day it is the programmes that concern me and since I rearly listen to programmes on radio anymore (I use the BBC iPlayer so I control what and when I listen to anything) I hope things will not change to much in this regard over time.

Note: I wrote this on 14th April 2011 but only published it November 2014.

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