Heat Wave

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Well hopefully today the heatwave that has hit Southen Ontario in Canada for the last several days might reduce in intensity. Its still very warm now but it is forecast for thunderstorms in Toronto today and I hope that cools things down. I’ve been here since the start of June and it has only rained on three occasions. Last week the humidex index hit 42.0 degrees Celsius and there where severe heat warnings for a few days. Today its 35.0 degrees Celsius on the humidex index.

Well with the heat and all I’ve not been up to much. Having no air conditioning in my room has meant several sleepless nights and my restored sleeping pattern being destroyed. The building I am staying in was designed with the harsh Canadian winter in mind, so it tend to retain the heat. I’ve used the time to do some work for my university resit exam in September, to work on one of my neglected website projects for a SETI@Home team and to keep as cool as possible.

Anthony 🙂

P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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