Job and Toronto Zoo

Ian Britton (c)

I’ve not posted for quite a few days so here is a
quick summary. I’ve left my job on the grounds that
market research over the phone was not for me and also
for other reasons regarding the business which I’d
rather not go into detail of here.

Yesterday I took a trip up to Toronto Zoo, which is to
the east of the city centre. It took an hour to get
there by subway and bus (Which only cost 2.50 pounds
return). I had a good day their and covered the entire
zoo, which amazed me due to the vast size of the zoo
and the fact that I was not even tired at the end of
it. The zoo is split up into five different areas
representing different areas of the planet. Some of
the areas of the zoo where indoors with replicated
climates for the animals within. But to be honest it
was cooler indoors yesterday as it turned out to be a
very hot day. Yet again I caught the sun but did not
burn. The sun protection cream I am using must be
excellent as with the sweat I was producing I’m
surprised it did not evaporate away!

Which reminds me I still need to get a hat. Thankfully
I took a lot of bottled tap water with me and refilled
at water fountains. If I had’nt I’d have either passed
out or have no money left from buying bottled water.

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P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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