Last Full Day In Canada: Niagara Falls

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Well I finally made it to Niagara Falls on my final day in Canada. After getting the bus to the falls, and then finding I had to get yet another bus to get closer, I finally arived. At first I was in awe at the site. But it quickly passsed. To be honest it was not seeing the falls which was impressive; it was the sound of the roaring water. I walked along the Canadian side of the falls, taking many pictures which I hope to upload by the end of the week. I got soaked when I got near the falls themselves but managed to stand only a few meters from the falls themselves. I took some very close shots and hopefully my cheap camera stood up to the climate and did not fog up the picture!

A side effect of getting wet was that the midday sun, even though it was overcast, burnt my skin quite a lot and I now have a deep red complection. I had not thought of wearing sun cream as it was also overcast in Toronto and was quite cool. I ventured into part of the nearby town. The part nearest to the falls was horrible; so comercialised with pointless museums and 4-D Cinemas. Lets just say that I quickly left. The area around the bus station was also part of Niagara falls, but this was the area which was where the real people lived so to say. It was run down and looked quiet, but the locals which I met where friendly and helpful with my queries of them.

And to answer the question everybody has been asking me all day; No, I did not go on the maid of the mist falls ride. This was for two reasons; the thrill of getting soaked had never thrilled me in the first place. Second, the cost was beyond my budget. And the third of my two reasons 🙂 was that the queue was two hours long.

Anthony 🙂
P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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