My Hobbies – HTML and Webdesign

Since around 1998 I’ve been interested in creating websites. I like to experiment, to see how small adjustments can have dramatic effects on the final product. I became interested in the workings behind websites after I first got online. With the use of Geocities, I played around with the code for a bit of fun. Soon afterwards, my high school I.T. teacher introduced those who were interested to the building blocks of HTML. It did not continue for long, but it had me hooked.

Also While at high school I took on the job of editor of the high school’s online science website, which involved editing the homepage while students submitted work using their own style and coding. as you can imagine, it did’nt look nice, but we had fun and all learnt something in the process.

After I got tired with geocities advertisements and restrictions, I tried experimenting with some free space provided by techno2day. This was my first experiment with tables and so on and I was really getting confident with the less restrictive environment. Unfortunatley, the host closed suddenly and I lost all of my work! I then moved to tripod and set up a new site, again using only my knowledge of HTML. Here I played around more, experimented with JavaScripts and so on.

When Yahoo! took over Geocities I moved back to them. I found Yahoo’s servers made the service fast and reliable. But again, I found myself restricted. So I took the plunge and took out a paid for hosting account with Ghoulnet. I could not believe how unrestricted the service was (Well, when compared to Geocities and so on!). For the most part I’ve stook with this provider ever since. Even though I loved playing with HTML I never went any further with expanding my webdesign knowledge. I had planned to enter the world of Information Technology at A-Level when I was 16, but life played out differently.

What you see today is just produced by what I do as a hobby. I do maintain a number of websites for others, a portfolio of which can be seen below.

This is the website of a Pre-School group who operate in the Wigan area of Greater
Manchester, UK. I created and maintain the site, which has now been live for four
years. The site uses Macromedia Flash extensively and was built using Moonfruit
Visit Site >>>

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