My Windows 10 installation tweaks

During my latest fresh install of Windows 10 I decided to keep notes of all the actions I took to set it up just how I like it. These are my personal tweaks but feel free to use any which may be of use.

  • During installation select offline user.
    • After install, connect Microsoft account. This is so that I don’t end up with abbreviated named folders in the Users folder.
  • After installation:
  • Run Windows update and install anything outstanding.
  • Install Mozilla Firefox Beta, Mozilla Thunderbird Beta, Audible, Spotify, CPU Temp, BOINC, Google Backup & Sync.
  • Remove 3D Objects from library.
  • Set “This PC” to the default explorer view.
  • Show all icons in the notification area.
    • Taskbar Settings –> Notification area –> Select which icons appear on the taskbar. Always show all icons in the notificaiton area.
  • Remove Groove Music, Films & TV, 3D Viewer, Mixed Reality, Office, Paint 3D, Skype, Tips, Xbox, Weather, Onenote, Solitare, Mail.
    • Settings –> Apps. Click application and select uninstall.
  • Remove NVIDIA tray and context menu icons.
    • NVIDIA Control Panel –> Desktop -> Untick “Show Notification Tray Icon” and untick “Add Desktop Context Menu”.
  • Turn off suggested apps in Start Menu.
    • Settings –> Personalisation –> Start. Turn off “Show suggestions occasionally in Start Menu”.
  • Power Plan personalisation.
    • Settings –> System –> Power & Sleep. Change Power plan settings to turn off the display after 5 minutes and to never put the computer to sleep.
  • Remove Recycle Bin icon from the desktop.
    • Settings –> Personalisation –> Themes. Desktop icon Settings –> Untick Recycle Bin. Select OK.
  • Personalise user file locations.
    • This PC –> Right click folders desired > Properties > Location. Set location then move.
  • On resume, display log-on screen.
    • Search Screen Saver settings. Set to blank after 5 minutes. Tick “On resume, display log-on screen”. Select OK.
  • Turn off lock screen messages from Microsoft.
    • Settings –> Personalisation –> Lock Screen. Set “Get fun facts, tips and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen”” to off.
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