Netscape is dead! Long live Mozilla!

Well, it looks like Netscape has had the final nail hammered into its coffin. I was wondering what was going on and am surprised that this did not happen long ago. When AOL bought Netscape I thought: great in the sense it has the possibility of secure funding; not so great in the sense that it lost its independence. I think AOL not opting to integrate Netscape into its AOL software was the killer. It’s a shame as the Netscape 7 series is great, and I’ve used it (and before it came out, Netscape 6) for over a year now and I could not browse without it.

At least Mozilla will survive. Mozilla is the open source browser which Netscape was built upon. So in a way its like Netscape, but not. I’ve switched to their 1.4 Mozilla browser this evening, which is basically the same as Netscape 7.1. However, their will be no new major versions of Netscape 7, while Mozilla will continue to develop.

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