Quiet Weekend

It was a quiet weekend in which I finished my book, Isaac Asimov – The Complete Robot: The Definate Collection of Robot Stories, watched Daylight and part of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on the television and attended a get together for a student who I got to know who was going away on a research trip overseas.As evident by my previous posts, I once again got into the webmaster role and made changes to the current website template which all pages now use.

I have had comments from a fellow British man who is on the same working holiday program that I am on which come across as patronizing for not venturing out at all on Sunday and for not watching every film that I am interested in at the cinema. Well I do what I want with my time and even though my weekend may not have been the most productive, I am happy with how I have spent my time.

Last Wednesday I visited Toronto Islands and ventured over half. Before I set out I heard about London’s Olympic games selection for 2012 and was completely surprised and felt pride and exhilarated. I kept an eye on events in London for many hours on Thursday on BBC World, unable to quite take in what was happening.

I watched War of the Worlds last week which was OK – the acting was good – but I felt that the development of the plot was a little thin and the ending – even though expected – was not brought in well enougth over the cause of the film.

Well, this week I plan to:

  • Get my sleep pattern back in order: completely out of synch at the moment.
  • Do some revision as I have a resit in quantatative economics in September at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).
  • Visit:
    • Ontario Science Museum.
    • Other half of Toronto Islands.
    • Toronto’s First Post Office.
    • Art Gallery of Ontario.
    • City Hall.
    • Spadinia House.
    • Tommy Thompson Park.

As well as a few hours work at the University of Toronto I shall be having quite a week. I’ll post everyday now with details of my going one’s. Don’t forget to leave some comments now!

Anthony 🙂
P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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