Rediscovering reading

Do you ever find yourself stuck on a certain book? I’ve been stuck on the same book for over two and a half years. I find myself reading all the time online and elsewhere but not books in any format. For some reason I just can’t sit down and get reading.

I’m currently reading Mad Ship, the second part of The Liveship Traders trilogy By Robin Hobb. However I have had the same book out from the library since the start of November 2017. I’ve returned it a few times and then taken it out again after a few months. The odd thing is that I’m actually enjoying the book. It’s the second in a trilogy and I’d like to find out what happens. I’ve also tried other books including some that I love to re-read but with no luck.

Why am I facing this block? I’m not sure. When I was a child I would love to read books from school and would often go to the library in my home town and even travel to the next town over to go to the bigger library. I had quite a nice library at home where every book had meaning and a personal history to me. Once I started a book I would read it through in next to no time. Perhaps the issue is modern life with distractions coming from so many sources which just did not exist in the past.

I don’t know when I lost my passion for reading but I want to rekindle it. Today I took the first step by resuming reading The Mad Ship. I made myself sit down early in the evening and take hold of the book. Two hours later I was still engrossed and thoroughly enjoying myself. For now I’m going to keep repeating this forced reading effort with the hope that eventually I’ll choose to do so without a prior plan.

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