Sony Reader PRS-505

These caught my attention a few years ago. After going to see a demonstration model in my local Waterstones store I was impressed with its display and the fact that it was so easy to read. I nearly bought one from but was put off by it’s price and by the fact that it lacked a feature I really wanted: news content. When the new models were released I was disapointed to learn that the clarity of the text had been reduced by the introduction of a touch screen feature. One of the new models (out in the US) had a newspaper facility, but also was too large for my liking, way to expensive and also suffered from the touchscreen lack of clarity. I had another look at the PRS-505 but found that it was discontinued (as expected) and out of stock with retailers. So I switched to eBay and managed to get one at a good price after some patience.

I had bought the PRs-505 with the knowledge that it did not have the News feature I wanted. But then came something unexpected. I found my way on to the Calibre website and it had a feature which utilised the news rss feeds from many news websites and configured them for specific reader screens and formats. And hay presto! The guardian amongst many was listed and I quickly had news on my websites.

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