Star Trek

I am a Star Trek Fan – A Trekkie, not a Trekker! – and I enjoyed the Star Trek Television series and its spin offs. My favourite series is Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m watching Enterprise, but I’m not sure what to make of it. I’ll give it three years though!

I don’t have a favourite episode list as such as I like most of the episodes. I may consider a list of episodes that I don’t like, as that would be much easier to handle!

I enjoyed all the Star Trek films with the original cast and Star Trek: First Contact. The rest I found dissapointing, especialy Star Trek Nemisis. I’m looking forward to seeing the directors edition of the films, especially Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

There are a lot of websites to do with Star Trek. They say Star Trek, along with porn, was the driving force of the web in the first years. Therefore, I won’t be creating an in-depth section. I’ve linked to the official sites and other sites which I think stand out above the rest.

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