Summary of first night.


Just had a good nights sleep and up at 7.30 am for a
cooked breakfast which was very good. I’m taking
things slow at the moment as I am going to give myself
time to adjust to the climate. Its warm but its very
muggey all the time. Cooled down over night but its
already muggey now.

The waiting at the airpoort yesterday was annoying,
mainly due to the lack of information. The flight was
delayed by about four and a half hours. After arriving
by a on-time train from Southport, this was a
annoying, The flight itself was supurb and I cannot
fault the service – once we were in the air that is. 2
meals, 4 cups of tea, 2 glasses of wine, 2 films and a
documentery about Canada. Lets just say that there
where long queues for the toilets. Had no trouble at
the airport, turns out the official I had to speak to
lived in Bolton for many years, but had no idea about
Wigan Athletic existing or it’s premership promotion.

Arrived at accomodation at about 6.30pm I think. Can’t
remember so well as was very tired. Accomodation is
good, got the basics, but it’s very big : about the
size of your living room and kitchen added together!
Just got nothing to fill it with!

Well I’m going to return to my room now and do a bit
of exploring after rush hour.

P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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