Yesterday had a Big Mac at McDonalds for lunch, and
after walking for miles trying to find a eating market
which had been suggested to me, I settled for a
chinese restaraunt called ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ and
had Seafood and noodles. It was very good (and big)
and cost only $8.50 (4 pounds). After turning out of a
chemist and turning the wrong way I found myself 2
miles in the wrong direction!

This morning went out for breakfast, as breakfast is
only available weekdays at the place I am staying. Had
a English Breakfast and a lemonade. The cost came up
to $13!. Don’t think I’ll be going there again,
expecially when McDonalds to breakfasts for $2.99. It
was very good though.

I’m now going to take a break and read my book or
something. It’s a lot cooler today and it is quite
cloudy. Thank you for all your emails.

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11.03 am Toronto Time
P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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