Why I won’t be upgrading to Windows Vista this year

Unlike the Windows XP launch, I will not be on the bandwagon for the launch of Windows Vista. Mainly because I have managed to get Windows XP just as I like it and Vista will have plenty of bugs and problems until the first service pack comes out. Additionally, I am not overally impressed with the differences between XP and Vista in the terms of fulfiling my needs. Sure, Vista will probably turn out to be a great operating system, but I cannot see how it will improve my current experience. I use a computer for surfing, music, video, photos, image software, website software and office programmes and I cannot see how Vista will improve upon this as XP does the job fine. No, I will be sticking with Windows XP for at least the next year. At the moment the only reason for me to upgrade is for 64 bit suport, but as all my software is 32 bit anyway, there is no rush. My reasoning probably explains why I’m still using Office 2000: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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