Windows 7: I’m back on the bandwagon

Well I’ve upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Professional this morning so I’m officially on the bandwagon, unlike last time. I thought the best way to discuss my move to Windows 7 would be to comment in relation to my post ‘Why I won’t be upgrading to Windows Vista this year‘, dated January 30th 2007.

Unlike the Windows XP launch, I will not be on the bandwagon for the launch of Windows Vista. Mainly because I have managed to get Windows XP just as I like it and Vista will have plenty of bugs and problems until the first service pack comes out.

The only reason I ended up with Vista on my machine was because I qualified for a discounted version as I bought my computer near to Vista launch. If it had not been for that, I would not have bought it. By the time Vista had its service packs and fixes and I had got used to it I felt at home. With Windows 7 I have had a different experience. As soon as the public beta and then the release candidates were made available I had them downloaded and running and very quickly had them as my primary operating system. I felt right at home as soon as I had them up and running. Windows 7 is everything Vista should have been at launch and a little bit more.

Additionally, I am not overly impressed with the differences between XP and Vista in the terms of fulfilling my needs. Sure, Vista will probably turn out to be a great operating system, but I cannot see how it will improve my current experience. I use a computer for surfing, music, video, photos, image software, website software and office programmes and I cannot see how Vista will improve upon this as XP does the job fine. No, I will be sticking with Windows XP for at least the next year.

Well, I must admit that this is still true between Vista and Windows 7. I still use the computer for the same reasons and having Windows 7 instead won’t let me do anything I could not do with Vista or even XP. But Windows 7 has a feel and polish which has attracted me to it which is difficult to put into words.

At the moment the only reason for me to upgrade is for 64 bit support, but as all my software is 32 bit anyway, there is no rush. My reasoning probably explains why I’m still using Office 2000: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Well, I took the plunge and have switched to the 64 bit operating system. As at the start of 2007, 99% of my software is still 32 bit, but with better driver support today and 64 bit versions of some of my software coming out, I thought it was time to take the plunge. .


When I moved from XP to Vista it was because I had the option to buy a licence at a reduced cost. When I tried the beta and release candidates for Windows 7, it was because they were free. When I bought a licence for Windows 7 Professional it was because yet again I had a discount.  The same applies for Office: I had Office 2000 and was satisfied as it did everything I needed.  I did upgrade to Office 2007 in the end, but only because I had the opportunity to buy the software at a student rate. If it was not for that, I would not have bought it.

Looking back I consider if I would have changed to the latest operating systems if I had not had access to reduced rate licences. Lets remember that I like computers and technology and like to have the latest stuff. I’ve already stated my case for not getting Vista when it launched and I would not have bought it until at least the first service pack had been released and then maybe not at all. With Windows 7 if I had still been on XP I would have bought it. With XP at the end of its life I would have considered it risky to continue with software that won’t be fully supported by Microsoft. Plus it’s old. With the move from Vista to 7 I would have looked at the cost and I don’t think I would have opted for it today since Vista is still fully supported by Microsoft and is running fine with it’s service packs applied.

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