WordPress Plugin: Options for Twenty Twenty-One

I’ve recently come across a brilliant WordPress plugin for the Twenty Twenty-One theme called “Options for Twenty Twenty-One” that my site is currently running. Here is my review:

Every year I change my theme and this year I tried out the free theme from WordPress, Twenty Twenty-One. It soon became apparent that I needed more personalisation so I started the grudging look at CSS changes and wanted to create a child theme.

I came across the ‘Options for Twenty Twenty-One’ plugin while I was looking for guidance with the child theme. This plugin not only seemed to offer the customisation I wished for but also offered quite a bit that I didn’t know I actually wanted. It’s easy to use and all changes can be previewed before changing.

Changes also persist when the theme updates so no need for me to create a child theme. After 24 hours of use I was so happy with my WordPress site that I paid for the premium version just to support the developer. The developer is open to feedback and updates to the plugin are frequent.

Anthony Coleman (@nameloc2080)

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