Work and Play

Hi all.

Well I’m currentley working five hours a day on a
market research job which I mentioned last Thursday.
It’s not the most fun job I’ve ever had but it will do
for now.

last Friday I went to my first baseball game! It was
at the Skydome (Rodgers Centre) in downtown Toronto
witht the Blue Jays playing to some team who I forget
the name of. To say I found it boring is an
understatement. I used to think cricket was slow, but
this was slower and 100 times more boring. Three hours
and a bit of a ball being thrown and nobody hitting it
much. Also, I was in one of the cheaper seats quite
high up and the cool wind made it so cold after a
while, espcially as I was only wearing a t-shirt. They
actually opened the Skydome at one point and we all
thought they would close it due to the wind and
temperature but no. Must have wanted everybody to go
and buy hot drinks and food during the game, which
nearly everybody and myself did.

Well I’m basically in a routine now of getting up,
breakfast, going to work, leaving work and going food
shopping and then coming back to my room and eiter
reading and going to bed or watching TV and going to
bed. This trip was supposed to show me the Canadian
workers life, and I guess it’s doing that. Not all fun
and games!

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P.S. I am posting from Toronto, Canada and the current time is minus 4 hours to the time on these posts.

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